4 Reasons To Have Your Softener Serviced Yearly

Having your softener serviced yearly is as vital as regular brine tank cleaning and adding salt to your softener. Here are four reasons why we recommend that you have your softener and other filtration components serviced annually:

Cleaning & General Upkeep

Over time, the resin beads in your softener accumulate a hard mineral coating, and cleaning is required. A service professional can recharge these resins and clean out your brine tank. The service call is also an excellent opportunity to check the brine tank for salt bridging and sanitize the entire system as needed. 

Valve Settings

You can save on your water bill by ensuring that your valve settings are optimal. There are life changes, such as a child moving away to attend college, that take place, causing you to use less water. A water treatment specialist can optimize these valve settings so that the softener regenerates less, saving you money in the process.  


Your softener has parts and o-rings that wear down over time and may warrant replacement. The softener’s valve will most likely require service and routine maintenance at times.

Maintaining your softener regularly will ensure you are getting the most benefits that softer water has to offer. A softener can help cut costs by reducing soap usage and protects most appliances that use water, such as a dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine. Safeguarding the investment into a softener for the long-term is critical for these appliances’ health. 

Making a service call to a professional will help your system remain in its best working order while also extending your water system’s life.

Testing Your Water

A water professional can also test your water to look for any mineral content changes or other constituents. Even if you use public water, the slightest changes at your municipal plant can drastically impact the water coming into your home. Based on your water test results, a professional can recalibrate system settings, provide you with a prefilter or other parts, and offer preventative solutions for whatever else may be needed to keep the water that flows into your home in pristine condition. 

There are many things to consider when making the decision to ensure you have clean water in your home and your business. Call Torres Water Company today at (504) 838-8345. We will provide you with a free water analysis test and fully explain all the options available to you. 

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