Your Tap Water Could be Causing Your Eczema

Contamination found in tap water is one of the suspected causes of eczema. Eczema, a medical condition that causes patches of skin to become rough and inflamed, affects thousands of people every year. It is a chronic condition; however, there are numerous ways to treat it. Prescription lotions and topical creams can treat the symptoms but do not address the cause.

Ordinary tap water is relatively safe to drink and to bathe in if it is filtered. However, there are healthier options. Chemicals oozing into the water supply, leaking pipes, and airborne contaminants are ways to become pollutants. Many cities add chloramine and chlorine to the water reservoir, toxins that can irritate the lungs and human skin. If someone who has eczema consumes this water, their condition can become inflamed and aggravated. If you would like to know what is in your water supply, be sure to contact your local water authority for an itemized list of contaminants in your area.

Chemicals found in your tap water can take a toll on your kidney and liver, which process all the toxins found in the human body and disposes of them. Some individuals, however, cannot get rid of certain chemicals as well as they can others, leading to problems such as eczema. These chemicals can also be absorbed transdermally during baths and while drinking the tap water, further aggravating eczema’s symptoms.

By installing a tap water filter, you can easily remove those harmful toxins and chemicals. There are many products available that you can purchase and install to filter your water properly. People who suffer from eczema can significantly improve their health and their symptoms when installing a filtration system. With the reduction of the amount of contamination in the water, your health and skin will improve.