7 Basic Facts About Water That You Should Know

Here Are Seven Basic Facts About Water 

1. Pure water is a necessity for good health.

2. Water is used to maintain the blood volume that is necessary to regulate body temperature and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Additionally, water removes wastes and toxic substances.

3. Water helps the biochemical reactions that occur in the brain cells to take place.

4. Water is lost daily through perspiration, salivation, and urination.

5. Drinking water helps your brain because it helps prevent dehydration.

6. Drinking purified water, especially water filtered through a reverse osmosis process, will remove contaminants that can damage the brain and replace the body’s lost fluid.

7. Finally, drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is recommended.

Stay tuned, and we will give you more information about those seven basic facts.

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Owner, Julio Torres, is a native of Belize and is a graduate of Jesuit High School in New Orleans, the University of New Orleans, and Xavier University College of Pharmacy. After he installed a water filtration/softening/purification system for his home in 1982, he realized the potential of the water quality improvement industry. In 1984, he started Torres Water Company. Finally, over the past 40 years, he has helped thousands of homeowners and business owners solve their water problems and save money too! 

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