Why Puronics is the Gold Standard in Filtration

Torres Water is proud to be an authorized, independent dealer of Puronics Water Products. Puronics has been in the business of whole-house water softener treatment since 1947.

In our experience, the water tastes better and is healthier when treated by Puronics water softeners and water filtration systems.

Puronics’ SilverShield

Puronics filtration is a multi-level process that removes all chemicals, pollutants, and other unhealthy items in your water. With the top-of-the-line SilverShield filter, which includes NASA’s silver ion technology, the Puronics filtration system keeps bacteria away from the filter media tank. 

Three Phase Filtration

First Phase – City or well water fills the tank and is run through our state-of-the-art SilverShield filter. The activated carbon frame starts working on bad odors and tastes caused by chlorine and sulfur build-up.

Second Phase – Moving past the SilverShield, the water experiences a conditioner of high-tech softening resin. The water is purified further with the use of resin. Resin removes iron and minerals in the water, which are responsible for hard water issues.

Third Phase – The remaining filtered water moves through a silica-based sand filter, adding a polishing sheen that gives your water a clear, sparkling appearance to fit with that brilliant taste. 

In-House Filtration Systems 

Sometimes the most cost-effective thing to do is install a Puronics water softening and filtration system for the entire home or office. A Puronics system is made from durable, reliable parts and will last decades. By allowing Torres to run a free water analysis on your property’s water source, you can gain valuable insight into the specific chemicals and pollutants that are in your water. Furthermore, Torres Water will install the best filtration system for your home or business after a full assessment.

At Torres Water Company, we sell, install, and provide maintenance for your chosen water filtration system. Call us today at (504) 838-8345 for free water analysis and consultation, or visit us at torreswater.com to find out more.