Water Coolers / Chillers

oasis_chillersEverybody is familiar with upright water coolers at the office and home. We offer a number of different options for coolers (upright, and on or under the counter models). There is a counter top model available. The water is filtered by a system of your choice, and then fed to a cooler. Because the cooler is fed with filtered water, it eliminates the need for bottle water. The system can provide a quality of water that is better than any bottled spring water on the market conveniently at your fingertips, and can be run to refrigerator/ice makers, under counter ice makers, coffee makers, etc… The cooler is either black or white in color and provides Cook N Cold, or Hot N Cold water. This is the BEST way to provide drinking water, hot or cold, for any home or business. Chilled water can also be provided to a dedicated spigot under any sink. These systems fit conveniently under most sinks. An electrical outlet is necessary for installation of these systems.

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