Caring for Your Water is Caring for Your Family

Do You Know What’s In Your Water? 

Water Filtration, Softening & Purification  – Installation and Services since 1984

What’s good for your water’s health is good for your health! Healthy water is happy water.

We test your water for pH, Chlorine, Iron, Hardness, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). 

We offer environmentally friendly products and we excel in customer service. Our services include analyzing your water, recommending a solution, and installing & maintaining your water filtration system. We specialize in:

Alkaline Water – Adjusts the water to an alkaline state after it has been filtered and stripped of all dissolved solids.
Softening – Eliminates buildup from hard water, which helps your appliances last longer – this can add years to the lifespan of your existing equipment.
Reverse Osmosis Systems – Removes organics, inorganics, and micro-organisms. Our systems reintroduce calcium magnesium to boost the PH which makes the water alkaline.
Point-Of-Entry Water Filtration – Filtering water through a whole house water filtration system helps reduce the risks of both drinking, bathing and showering in contaminated water.

Find Out What’s in Your Water

With no chlorine, metals, and other contaminants in your water, you’ll finally be able to taste the freshness of your food. Your morning coffee will be more flavorful and delicious then ever!

About Julio Torres & Torres Water

Since 1984, Torres Water Company has helped thousands of home owners and business owners solve their water problems, and, save money too! Julio Torres is also a Certified Water Specialist with the Water Quality Association

I am extremely happy with our water system. It’s so nice to know that all the harmful chemicals are now out of our water.

I can’t express how blessed I feel to be able to provide clean water for my family. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You hold a vitally important role in our community. I believe clean water is a necessity, not a luxury.

Dr. James Rehkopf

Free In-Home Water Analysis

Torres Water offers a FREE In-Home Water Analysis so you can find out exactly what is in your tap water! (No purchase required, no obligation, it is absolutely FREE). 

How It Works:

At a time that’s convenient for you, we will send a Torres Water Expert to come to your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, fixtures, plumbing and water-using appliances. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. 
We will answer any questions you have about your water and provide a detailed report and equipment estimate.  Remember that this is a free public service — there is no cost or obligation associated.
If you decide a Torres Water Filtration and Purification System is right for you, a trained and certified Torres Water service professional will install your new unit to your satisfaction.